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March 21, 2010, Mills Community House:

For a group of photos from previous years, click here.

Grace Abbott
Kathi Houston
Alice HamiltonLaura Dainty
Mary K. O'Sullivan
Edith ShapiroJudith Minton
Book Discussion
Wendy BaileyMary Anne Rivers
Room View

row 1: View of "The Great Ladies of Halsted Street" with Grace Abbott (Ginny Freeman) speaking
row 2: Kathi Houston's introduction
row 3: (a) Alice Hamilton (Susan Breuer) with Mary Kenney O'Sullivan (b)
Laura Dainty Pelham (Susan Gilbert) with Jane Addams (Susanne Glynn)
row 4: Mary Kenney O'Sullivan (Pam Pendexter) with Ellen Gates Starr (Jane Purkis) and Jane Addams
row 5: (a) Cindy Shapiro as Edith Shapiro (b) Judith Kay Minton's workshop
row 6: The book discussion with Katherine Ross
row 7: (a) Wendy Bailey's workshop (b) Mary Anne Rivers mid-song
row 8: A view of the room during the Hull House performance

note: all photos taken by Carl Freeman